Metaverse Avatars
Your 3D VOLTZ Avatar is metaverse-ready and grants access to the entire VOLTZ ecosystem. You will gain extra value over time, through airdrops, staking, engagement rewards and much more.
1 Avatar MINT VIAL =
3 Avatars NFTs reveal.
How to start? The Avatar MINT VIAL is your access point to our ecosystem.
You can mint on mint.voltz.me (0.075 ETH).
Each VOLTZ mint VIAL, when revealed on reveal.voltz.me, gives you 3x VOLTZ Avatars.
9999 unique 3D Avatars
How many 1/1 exist in the collection?
What matters the most: Rarity or Aesthetics?
You have the keys: each VOLTZ Avatar MINT VIAL can hide a dope gem.
Get a VIAL on mint.voltz.me and reveal your unique 3x Pilotz on reveal.voltz.me.
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Staking and Engage to EARN
How can I earn ZAPz⚡️?
In 3 ways: HODL to EARN, ENGAGE to EARN (retweet and engage in Discord), SWEEP the FLOOR.
Access the VOLTZ VAULT and check your balance!

How can I stake my VOLTZ NFTs?
You don’t need to do anything, fam: simply HODL to EARN!

What can I acquire with my earned ZAPz⚡️?
Allocating ZAPz⚡️ you can secure VOLTZ StarShips FREE MINT spots (more Alpha about StarShip FREE MINT: soon TBA) and/or add Rarity BOOSTERS (e.g equipping PODz, KeySword, ++) to your VOLTZ StarShips.

Find out all the details in the Staking section of our Alpha Book.
Key Sword
365⚡ per year (🔥!)
1.0000⚡ per day
1⚡ = 1.0000 days
King’s Helmet
225⚡ per year (🔥!)
0.6164⚡ per day
1⚡ = 1.6222 days
Key Hat
225⚡ per year
0.6164⚡ per day
1⚡ = 1.6222 days
Avatar Mint VIAL
75⚡ per year
0.2055⚡ per day
1⚡ = 4.8667 days
VOLTZ Avatar
25⚡ per year
0.0685⚡ per day
1⚡ = 14.6000 days
Pilot #One
20⚡ per year
0.0548⚡ per day
1⚡ = 18.2500 days
StarShip MINT
Roadmap + Tokenomics
Welcome to the VOLTZ Exploration Era!
You'll be able to secure your FREE MINT spots allocating your ⚡️ZAPz, BOOST RARITIES equipping the StarShips with other NFTs of the VOLTZ Ecosystem, and much more.
Here's the complete new roadmap and guidance to build your VOLTZ StarShip Fleet!

We are currently in phase:
#0: ZAPz⚡️ Accumulation
Welcome to the 3D VAULT Collab
We are honoured to announce our alliance with a crew of decorated projects.
The goals of this collaboration are: sharing real metaverse experiences and pushing the boundaries of interoperability.

READ MORE about this epic collab!
Collab Partners
9999 Alien 3D Avatars / Invading the Metaverse since July 2021
Mona spaces are beautiful social worlds for you to collect, show your art, and gather with others.
Guardians of the Blockchain
The Helmet of the Metaverse
Your metaverse companion
Embody your avatar, Explore the Metaverse
More Dead Than Alive
Fyat Lux
Sparks from the Fyat Lux universe
Wake up and follow the Kitsune.
VOLTZ AlphaBook
Each and every answer is here.
What is VOLTZ? Why is it the most exciting project we ever worked on?
On this page you can read about our genesis and the ecosystem, the goals and the principles that guide our creative and tech process.
Here you will also find a recap of the supply, the tokenomics, the staking, the VAULT, tutorials, +++.
King’s Helmet
A crucial rarity boost for your Starships.
VOLTZ King's Helmet is a 3D NFT, compatible with 3D galleries and spaces like OnCyber, including the free ones or the RTFKT ones: SpacePod, or PodX. King's 3D files will be available for owners, in the VOLTZ VAULT (date TBA).
VOLTZ King Pilot was a free airdrop to the fam OGs. The supply is extremely limited (200). About 10% of it is still available for new airdrops (dates TBA).
VOLTZ Pilot#One
Interoperability Pioneer
Pilot#Øne is the absolute first utility-driven airdrop ever released by VOLTZ.
Pilot#Øne was a free airdrop for the Discord fam.
This exclusive token will play a huge role in the VOLTZ AVATAR ecosystem.
Multidisciplinary Artist, AR + VR Creator, 3D Modeler and Illustrator.
Death Inspector and Skull Collector.
Master Industrial Designer
Generative Arts
Head of IT, Blockchain and Web development.
Dr. Manhattan
BLOCKCHAIN + Smart Contracts Development, Front + Back End development, Decentralised Politics and Anti-shitcoins Rants
Marketing, Social Media Manager, Collab Manager, 3D Artist.
Community Manager, Discord Moderator, Discord Security Manager.
OG Community Manager, Discord Moderator
Discord Moderator, Communication Manager, Gender Equality Advocate
Social Media Manager, 3D Artist.
Community Manager, Discord Moderator.